Corn Tortilla Chips

from Daniel Larkin
to jamey w. bennett

How is it that we’ve been trading food emails for all these years, and I’ve never heard that you make your own chips? If they’re going to be part of your bio, then by God the recipe should be posted. I really just want to try them myself.

from Jamey W. Bennett
to Daniel Larkin

Dude, it’s super easy.

Deep fryer and vegetable oil [lard is way better, and better for you]
Corn tortillas, sliced into 6 “triangles”
Paper grocery bag
Paper towel

Start with corn tortillas. You can make these yourself, or just get them for cheap from the store. Slice them. Deep fry those babies for a few minutes until they are nice and crispy, but not too brown. It’s not tricky, but it’s a fine line between crispy and burnt. I like to shake them a bit over the fryer to get excess oil off. I stick the paper towel inside the grocery bag, throw the freshly fried chips in, and sprinkle a little salt while the chips are still hot and the oil is wet. Shake the bag. I repeat this many times until I have a huge bag of chips. The only thing to watch out for is that it’s easy to over-salt, so I actually only salt every few times that I deposit chips in the bag.

One cool tip: if you have a Mexican wholesaler, they sometimes have extra thin tortillas specifically for making chips. You can use these for tacos, too, but they have a different consistency than normal tortillas. I recently spent $28 on a giant box of probably a thousand tortillas for chips from a wholesaler. I just keep the unused tortillas in the freezer. Enjoy!

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