A Call to Raise the Bar

from Daniel Larkin
to jamey show details 12:13 PM (1 hour ago)

First off, congratulations on your wedding.  The photos I’ve seen are fantastic, and Alison’s dress looked stunning.  I hope the celebrations went off without a hitch, and I hope the sauerkraut was a hit.  Your presents are still sitting on our kitchen counter waiting to be mailed.  Hopefully that will happen today.

But down to business, I think it’s time we upped the TwoDudesFood bar.  Not that our recipes have been lackluster; everything I’ve made of yours has been dead-on delicious. But here’s what I’m thinking, instead of (or more appropriately, in addition to) writing post-meal notes, we should occasionally meet a challenge head on.

The idea is more or less inspired by this post from my friend Peanut:

We should both tackle this Nacho-Burger dilemma, and compare recipes/results.  You’ve got a honeymoon to attend to and we’ve got a vacation on the books, so it may take a few weeks before we get there.  But I know we can do it.  My first thought was, “How do I keep nacho chips from becoming soggy on a burger?”

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