Our Story

The Skinny

Daniel Larkin lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife, Jenny, his son, Charlie, his dog Sophie, and a few random cats.

Jamey Bennett lives in Boynton Beach, FL with his beagles, Baxter and Rublev.

The Story Behind the Dudes’ Foods
We, Daniel Larkin and Jamey Bennett, are just two guys who work together from a distance, and we started sharing ideas about food and drink in the course of emailing about work. This blog started by posting our unpolished emails for others to eavesdrop on our conversation.

We have similar interests in food and drink, and we both enjoy brewing beer. Though we both tend to appreciate organic and non-GMO type foods, we’re also healthy skeptics when it comes to some popular seemingly hysterical claims about such foods.

We both eat meat and have similar ethical perspectives on what meat is best and how animals should be raised—naturally and pastured, eating the foods they are supposed to eat according to nature.

You should know a couple things about us. Daniel’s wife Jenny is a vegetarian, and he himself is nearly a vegetarian, and tends to limit his meat intake to what is consumed while camping.

Jamey has gradually embraced a Paleo-type approach to food, and with the exception of a few beers and traditionally prepared tacos here or there, he follows a pretty strict Paleo diet. He is also an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and his Church fasts from meat a good bit, observing about 180-200 vegan-style fast days a year.

So as you might imagine, you’ll find a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes here, alongside some meat-based recipes. We’re not going to be strict with each other’s choices, and some vegetarian or Paleo purists may cringe at some of our recipes. There’s really no room for the Paleo Purity Police or Sanctimonious Veggie Scrupulousness on this blog. We just want to have a good time and eat some food.

We’re pulling in our past food emails from our old tumblr site, and we’ll continue posting sporadic random meals. Eventually, we’re going to try a new format. Jamey will write a pretty strict Paleo recipe, and Daniel will try to create a vegetarian version of the same meal. Likewise, Daniel will make a strict vegetarian meal, and Jamey will “Paleofy” the meal. We imagine sometimes recipes might even be both vegetarian and Paleo compliant.

Come along for the ride, Like us on Facebook, follow us on WordPress, and let’s cook.

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