Pickled Eggs with Eggs and Pickle Juice. Easy.

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I don’t even think this qualifies for Two-Dudes material since the recipe calls only for eating pickles and boiling eggs – and the boiling part is optional now that Eggland’s Best sells pre-boiled eggs.  Are you ready for the easiest and simultaneously the greatest snack ever?

Step 1) Buy Kalusen’s Dill Pickles.
Step 2) Eat the shit out of the pickles because they’re awesome!
Step 3) Boil and peel some eggs, or buy the lazy man’s 1/2 dozen bag at the grocery store.
Step 4) Put the eggs in the pickle juice and let them sit for AT LEAST three weeks.
Step 5) Freak out about how good the eggs taste now!

I’ve been buying quail eggs at the farmer’s market and using them recently.  They are 1/3 of the size of chicken eggs, so they’re the perfect pop-able snack.  The size makes them a real bitch to peel without breaking, but they only take one week to become stupid awesome.

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No, that is two dudes material because it’s hilarious!